Abandoned Lyons House

Located approximately a kilometer south of the small town of Carberry Manitoba is the Lyons House. Build in 1896, it was the home to business man and Member of the Legislative Assembly Robert Fern Lyons until 1919. The Lyons House was then occupied by various owners until it was abandon in 1964.

While the brick work on the exterior of the house is still in relatively good shape, the interior isn’t. Part of the walls in the basement have collapsed. Floor boards on the main floor, second floor and attic are rotting, broken, or missing. The asphalt shingles on the roof have almost completed disappeared, revealing the cedar shingles beneath them. TheĀ  large hole in the attic roof allows a good view of the nearby landscape.

Viewing the building from the outside still allows you to see what the building would have looked like in its prime. The trees that have encroached upon the building give it a haunted feeling, especially in the cold.

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