Trappist Monastery Ruins

Trappist Monastery

Located south of Winnipeg, just off of Lord Selkirk’s highway, in the small town of St Norbert, lies the ruins of Trappist Monastery. Established in 1903 the monastery was destroyed by fire in 1983. It was the second monastery built at this location.

The original monastery was built in 1892 by Priest and Archbishop Monsignor Ritchot along with five Cistercians of the Trappist Order from an Abbey in France. Just like the second monastery, this one was destroyed by fire in 1912, nine years after the second monastery was built.

A guest house was later built on the foundation of the first monastery. Today it has been converted into the St Noberts Art Center.

All that remains of the Trappist Monastery is the brick work. The interior is completely gone and only the buildings empty shell is left standing.

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