Pine Dock Caves

Pine Dock Caves

Manitoba’s Best Kept Secret: Pine Dock Caves

Note: Travel information about Pine Docks is available at the bottom.

Pine Docks Manitoba is a small and remote fishing community located along the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Travelers head north along Highway 8 from Winnipeg until they reach Highway 234, which branches off between Riverton and Hecla. Highway 234 is a winding gravel road that takes people on a scenic drive through forests, farm land and along the shores of Lake Winnipeg.

The total distance from Winnipeg to Pine Docks is 215 kilometers, which takes about two and half hours by car.

Just south of Pine Docks along Highway 234 lies one of Manitoba’s best kept secrets, the Pine Docks Caves. Along the Lake Winnipeg shoreline a break in the limestone rocks forms a huge crevice.

It is paramount that hikers watch their steps as they trek through the trees because a 20 foot drop into the crevice appears unexpectedly at your feet.

There is one spot where a small metal beam acts as a makeshift bridge over the crevice. A trail follows along the top of the crevice, eventually providing a way down to the water, and access inside the cavernous rocks.

Near the water, the limestone has been eroded by crashing waves, creating huge caverns. The small smooth stones on the ground provide a makeshift beach, perfect for adventurous skinny dippers.

The giant crevice resembles something out of an apocalyptic movie. The rock walls, block out all sound, including the wind, waves, and birds. It’s eerie.

The temperature changes too. The warm summer weather disappears and is replaced with a cool autumn like atmosphere. Between the moss covered walls, and the dropping temperature, it creates a unique and mystical experience.

Travelling to Pine Dock Caves

For those wishing to explore the Pine Dock Caves, there are some precautions and warnings that the Pine Docks community would like you to be reminded of.

  1. There are no gas stations, public washrooms, or places to buy food. The drive to Pine Docks should be undertaken with precautions. The gravel highway is not always in best shape. The cell service is incredibly spotty, and there is a lack of amenities once you pass Riverton.
  2. Do not trespass. The caves are on public land, but the property between the caves and the highway is private and should not be crossed without permission. If you want to find the caves, one of the most scenic ways is to do it by boat. Starting at the Pine Dock beach, head south along the shoreline until you see it.
  3. Always mind your surroundings and watch your steps. These caves are beautiful, but can also be dangerous. From the top to the bottom is about 20 feet in height. The cracks in the limestone rock appear suddenly.
  4. Do not leave garbage behind or “tag” anything. Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.
  5. This is a small community and not a tourist destination. The people here do prefer their privacy, so please respect that.
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Author: Shayne Thiessen

I am a Red River College graduate and an experienced hiker, photographer and explorer. Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with my latest adventures @explorewithshayne

128 thoughts on “Manitoba’s Best Kept Secret: Pine Dock Caves

        1. As long as you watch your step when approaching the crevice it’s fine. The walk is pretty easy and there’s a nice path that leads down the rocks towards the water. I don’t think I’d take young children though.

    1. I live north of wpg and its telling me it takes 5 hours to get there…. where did the 2 hours come from?

  1. Traveled all over the north and been to Riverton and Grindstone Point many times and this is the first I’ve heard of the caves. Definitely on my list to see. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Really? I’ve never heard that before. If you have more information about that please let me know.

  2. I would love to explore this. What do you look for along the Highway to know you are there? I will be out in Riverton area next week. Thanks.

  3. Hi, it says in the post it is a 2&1/2 hour drive but when looking on Google maps it actually says 5&1/2 hours 😕😞

    1. It took me about 3 and a half hours to get there, but I live an hour south of Winnipeg. Here’s what I get in Google Maps.

  4. Does anyone have geo location coordinates? That would be the easiest thing to follow in my opinion. Oh I hoe to go some time soon.

  5. My brother is a great hiker in Japan and I would love tp show him this when he comes. Any directions you can provide how to find it off the highway?

    1. Hi there thanks for sharing this! Could you please send me coords and detailed directions from pine docks?? Thanks so much!!

  6. We always love exploring the beauty that Manitoba offers. How exactly do you find the trail from the highway?
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Where exactly is the trail off of the highway? I’d love to go but don’t want to drive wall that way and can’t find it.

  8. I’m going to be visiting my family in Winnipeg at the beginning of August and would love more details on how to find the trail head as well, thanks!

  9. This sounds awesome! How long does it take to walk the trail? Please send me directions and yes gps coordinates would be terrific.

    1. To get to the caves from the highway takes about ten minutes. After that it depends how long you want to spend exploring them, and walking along the shoreline. I spent about 2 hours there. And then after went to Hecla Island, which was along my route on the way back.

          1. Hi Shayne, awesome pictures. My friend and I love hidden spots like this. We’re taking a trip to Manitoba soon. Could you email me the directions? Many thanks!

  10. Where exactly along Highway 234 is that hidden trail that leads you to the caves? I don’t want to miss it.

    1. I would love some direction with the road off the highway please,
      Thanks for the information, can’t wait to see this!

  11. Can you please email me directions. Driving from Brandon and I don’t want to drive all that way and miss it. Thank you in advance!!

  12. My kids are 10 and 7. They would LOVE this place! Would they be too young? Rather not have them get excited otherwise lol. Please email me directly and I have no idea if I’ll get a notification on here.

  13. Hi Shayne, Would really appreciate directions as we would like to go up that way this month.
    Thank you.

  14. Hi, I’ve heard of this before but have never been. If you could send some directions on how to find the trail that would be great. Thanks!

  15. This is wonderful. I’ve always said our own country has so much wonder to explore but most are not aware. We love to go isolation canoe/camping and would love to have clear directions to this so it is not a wasted trip, if you could email us too please? As well, is there a water way in to it? thanks
    Jo Seymour

  16. That is absolutely stunning,I hope a bunch of idiots do not go there and tag it all up and leave garbage

    1. That’s why I never posted the exact location publically and instead am only sending it to people who ask.

  17. Hi there Shayne, this is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for the article and photos. Would you please send me directions from the highway? Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi, I didnt see this site until now and I’ll be heading out to find these caves tomorrow, can you send me specific directions?

    1. We went this weekend after reading the article. It is such an amazing treasure of a place. What an adventure it was. The temperature drop in places is crazy. We found ice and snow in one narrow crevice!

  18. Hi Shayne
    Thanks for the post. My wife saw it and showed it to me. We would love to go see it as well. Would you send the directions to us as well? We live in Souris, so it would be a big trip for us nearly retired people, lol.

  19. Read what you wrote about this place sounded beautiful so we went. Cant find it can you send me directions?

  20. Could you please send me the directions. I will be near Hecla on the weekend and would love to see this. I have been by there before, but never knew about it until your post.

  21. Hi
    We have been going to Hecla for the last 5 or 6 years looking for these when we stay at the resort. Please email directions.
    Tks Elaine

  22. Would you mind emailing me the coordinates? Would love to check this place out this weekend while I’m up there

    1. Hi Shayne, I will be up in that area soon and would love to check it out. Could you send me directions as well!?

    1. Never got the directions but it’s super easy. Take 234 N towards Pine Dock. Just before Pine Dock there is a sign Matheson Island 15 … take the next road to the right and you can even park right there.

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