Manitoba’s Best Kept Secret: Pine Dock Caves

Pine Dock Caves

Pine Docks Manitoba is a small and remote fishing community located along the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Travelers head north along Highway 8 from Winnipeg until they reach Highway 234, which branches off between Riverton and Hecla. Highway 234 is a winding gravel road that takes people on a scenic drive through forests, farm land and along the shores of Lake Winnipeg.

The total distance from Winnipeg to Pine Docks is 215 kilometers, which takes about two and half hours by car.

Just south of Pine Docks along Highway 234 lies one of Manitoba’s best kept secrets, the Pine Docks Caves. There is a short hidden trail that leads from the highway through the forest and towards Lake Winnipeg. Along the Lake Winnipeg shoreline a break in the limestone rocks forms a huge crevice.

It is paramount that hikers watch their steps as they trek down the trail because a 20 foot drop into the crevice appears unexpectedly at your feet.

A small metal beam acts as a makeshift bridge over the crevice. A trail follows along the top of the crevice, eventually providing a way down to the water, and access inside the cavernous rocks.

Near the water, the limestone has been eroded by crashing waves, creating huge caverns. The small smooth stones on the ground provide a makeshift beach, perfect for adventurous skinny dippers.

The giant crevice resembles something out of an apocalyptic movie. The rock walls, block out all sound, including the wind, waves, and birds. It’s eerie.

The temperature changes too. The warm summer weather disappears and is replaced with a cool autumn like atmosphere. Between the moss covered walls, and the dropping temperature, it creates a unique and mystical experience.

Note from Pine Docks residents:

The drive to Pine Docks should be undertaken with precautions. The gravel highway is not always in best shape. The cell service is incredibly spotty, and there is a lack of amenities once you pass Riverton. There are no gas stations, public washrooms, or places to buy food. While travelling to Pine Docks isn’t unsafe, people need to make sure they take proper precautions.

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Author: Shayne Thiessen

I am a Red River College graduate and an experienced hiker, photographer and explorer. Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with my latest adventures @explorewithshayne

123 Replies to “Manitoba’s Best Kept Secret: Pine Dock Caves”

  1. Heya, is it possible to go with a dog (german Shepherd) or is the bridge too narrow? Could you email me coordinates or directions? Incredible find, can’t wait to check jt out !

  2. Beautiful pictures …but for the SAFETY of anyone wanting to see these “CREVICES” – NOT CAVES along Lake Winnipeg, the location needs to be removed. These are DANGEROUS- slippery not secured footings. Anyone wanting to visit these are also Trespassing on Private Property to access by land. No amenities in the area, with the exception of ports potties in the camp ground.

    People showing up in high heels and flip- flops?

    This has become not only a safety concern for the residence of this community, but a burden.

    Resident of the Pine Dock Community

    1. To the residents of Pine Dock: My husband and I visited the crevices/cave just last week as when we heard about them we said , Oh something to go see right here in MB.
      You have a fine little tourist attraction right in your own backyard so to speak.
      Following the proper regulations build a sturdy walk way across the crevice, put out a trash container
      and a few signs designating turn off, etc. Even build a small coffee shop with a washroom. Keep it open through out the summer months and Pine Dock is on the map. We were also impressed with your tidy, well kept little town.
      Fisher Branch is not far from you and have a great camp ground, golf course and restaurant.
      Sincerely, Liz from Virden, MB

  3. Hey shayne,

    I’d love to check this place out next weekend…looking amazing! Can u give me more specific directions pls?


  4. Hey Shayne,

    What gorgeous pics! I’m staying on hecka island near by, how long of a drive is it from there? For some reason my GPS says 5 hours lol could you email me the coordinates?

  5. Hey, could you please send me an email with the directions and coordinates please? We are going next week. Thanks

  6. Hi Shayne.

    I would like to see this as well.
    Could you send me the coordinates, please.
    I check the google satellite view but due to the area it is a little grainy.

  7. Can you let me know how far the hike is and directions please also can you turn around at that plank and still see some of the amazing cravice around there?

  8. I’ve added a “Map” section to my site which shows the location of all the different places I’ve written about. That will help anyone who want’s to find the location.

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