Steep Rock Manitoba

Steep Rock Manitoba

Little Known Limestone Caves and Cliffs Hidden along Lake Manitoba’s Shoreline

Hidden along Lake Manitoba’s eastern shoreline, where the water is colored like the sea, is a collection of caves carved out by waves repeatedly crashing in to the limestone cliffs over the last thousand years.

Located near the town of Steep Rock, the cliffs are a unique addition to the Manitoba landscape. The calcium in the limestone has turned the water into a bright turquoise color, creating a steep contrast between the lake and the skyline.

A sign along the cliff top warns visitors to stay at least four feet away from the edge of the cliffs as they may collapse at any time. However, in the hot 30°C heat, and with a lack of wind and a calm lake surface, there was no apparent danger.

Steep Rock Manitoba
Steep Rock Manitoba

The caves are easily accessible when the weather is nice by either scaling down the cliffs, or walking through the water. The lake was full of people canoeing and kayaking, which is another way to take in the scenic view.

The water itself was warm, but walking across the tiny stones barefoot was not enjoyable, even though they have been smoothly worn by the running water.

The smooth rocks and still lake created perfect conditions for skipping rocks along the water.

For those interested in exploring this unique place, Steep Rock Cliffs can be found by travelling north along Highway 6. It’s a two and a half hour drive from Winnipeg. Once you arrive at the town of Steep Rock, there are signs pointing towards the cliffs.

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  1. These cliffs are separate from the campground right? I don’t need to reserve a site to see/explore this area?

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