The Place Where the Lynx Dwells – Pisew Falls

Shayne Thiessen

They call it “the place where the lynx dwells” because the hissing of the falling water sounds like the growl of a lynx. The name Pisew is actually the Cree word for Lynx.

The falls are located along the mighty Grass River. It’s a mysterious place surrounded by miles and miles of unbroken forest.

It’s easy to imagine how deep in the forest there could be a lynx or some other predator hiding, watching as you traverse through the haunting woods.

There is a short trail that leads towards Pisew Falls. The falls are magnificent view. At 13 meters high, they’re the second largest waterfall in Manitoba.

The largest waterfall in the province is Kwasitchewan Falls, which is a days hike north from here.

Is that snow by the falls? Or foam? In early June it could be either. However a close look at the water downstream shows foam.

Not far from the viewing platform a long stairway will take you down towards the river, were there is a bridge that provides a view of the falls from a different angle. From here the rushing water is quieter and more closely resembles that of the fabled lynx.

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